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CrossFit is a lifestyle, the present and future of health and fitness which has been developed over the last 20 years to be arguably the most effective training program available today.

The basis of Crossfit is the use of functional movement performed at a high intensity. These movements change daily during workouts of the day or ‘WoD’s which reflect the most effective aspects of disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, speed training, and more which maximise the amount of work for the body over the shortest amount of time. Intensity of these movements is key, workouts are measured by set times or maximum reps possible, all within an individual’s boundaries.

Contrary to belief, Crossfit it is not just about producing elite athletes, its focus is on helping to achieve the goals of each and every one who steps through the door of a CrossFit Box, whatever that goal may be. Whether your aim is to achieve weight loss, improvement of general fitness, strength training for sports or even to become a competitive CrossFit athlete, we can help you achieve that goal, we specialise in not specialising.


Whilst CrossFit challenges the world’s elite athletes, its methodology is focussed on universal scalability, making it accessible for anyone committed, regardless of the level of fitness and experience. The needs of the elite and the beginner differ by the degree of application, not by the method.

One of the biggest draws of CrossFit is the feeling of community that develops organically between members who carry out these workouts together, which is a key factor in what makes CrossFit so effective.


CrossFit provides an environment that supports its athletes, nurtures friendships, harnesses the spirit of camaraderie and most of all an enjoyable place to train and push yourself to hit that PB. CrossFit encourages and develops individuals to reach their maximum potential and instils discipline that is unmatched by any other means.









Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself and discover what hundreds of thousands of athletes have already discovered Worldwide.



CrossFit Castaway Box II is the only CrossFit Box in Guernsey and is a CrossFit Box in its truest form, stripped back to focus on what is most important, developing its members to achieve and reach their goals in a purpose built training environment.

Our methods are entirely in tune with those established by CrossFit over the last two decades, and our coaching staff are highly trained, qualified and experienced CrossFit athletes who pride themselves on providing a training mechanism second to none.

We provide coaching to training to small group classes led by the CrossFit coach who will guide, teach, encourage you and support you throughout your journey. Each day the coach will bespoke plan each workout to ensure that you are continually challenged, whether it be in form and function, a punishing 30 minute AMRAP or WoD.


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Group personal training here at CrossFit allows members to receive the benefit of coaching from a PT at a more accessible cost. Although not individually tailored, we offer a variety of classes within our timetable to suit each individual whether your focus is endurance, strength and conditioning Olympic weightlifting amongst others.

To get started simply email us and provide us your details to sign up for the CrossFit Fundamentals course or drop in to see what we’re about. Please note that in order to take part in CrossFit classes, it is mandatory for the Fundamentals course to be completed. The Fundamentals course provides members with instruction on all aspects of CrossFit and also provides initial guidance on how to perform basic CrossFit movements safely and effectively so as to allow for a smooth transition into your CrossFit journey.

If you prefer, you can become a member and attend our CrossFit Endurance and Conditioning classes without taking the Fundamentals course.

Once you have become a member you will receive your own login code which enables you to simply and easily book classes

of your choice via our bookkeeping system 'Team Up'

crossfit castawaybox II

Unit 10B Guilberts Yard,

Collings Road,

St Peter Port,


Tel: 01481 724755

Email: Info@crossfitcastawayii.com

We are conveniently located in the outskirts of main St Peter Port just off the Rohais. Plenty of parking is available within the Rohais Waitrose car park with access to the Box through the gate located to the side of the rear car parking area.

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